Thirty Day Bae


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Christine lives in Salt Lake City. She's a public policy wonk, a lawyer, and an avid food eater. As the great convener, Christine brought everyone together to make Thirty Day Bae happen. If you are looking for a good roast, look no further. At the tender age of nine, Christine’s response to a girl saying her maroon socks didn’t match her outfit was, “And your yellow teeth don’t match yours.” What a gift!


Trent lives in an apartment at an undisclosed location. He’s a financial analyst for L3 which we think means he actually works for the CIA? Trent’s middle name is logistics. His favorite thing to do on a beautiful day is spend quality time with an Excel spreadsheet. He’s a musical prodigy and his favorite song to perform is Careless Whisper.



Davi is our DC resident. If anyone was born to be a matchmaker, it’s Davi Dawn. She’s a compatibility aficionado. When she’s not working on her up-and-coming dating app or watching Hallmark movies like it’s a competitive sport, Davi travels the world in search of the best mac n cheese. And Tupac. She’s also searching for Tupac.


Kylie lives at Trader Joe’s. In her spare time, she turns everything she touches to gold. She’s known for her love of both brie and easy cheese and only takes trips that correlate with Mary Kate and Ashley movies. Kylie speaks fluent sass (you could say she’s baelingual), and is the guardian of the Thirty Day Bae brand.



Jordan is a Marriage & Family Therapist by profession, but is still holding out to be a professional baseball player for the Washington Nationals when he grows up. He’s been in a committed relationship with Costco for 7 years. He shows up to advisory board meetings in his gym clothes.




Katie is a pop culture queen. She’s a communications and social media czar. Her hobbies include campaigning to become Mrs. Paul Jason Klein and retracing the steps of Salt Lake’s finest, Tan France. Katie’s most recent pilgrimage was to the Chili’s where Tan decided to move to Utah.