Thirty Day Bae Update

Y’all. Honestly we are overwhelmed with the response to Thirty Day Bae. We knew this project was interesting, but WOW this really struck a chord. We had over 240 applications in just two weeks (wuuuut). Our team has appeared on the news twice (ABC4, Fox 13), been a guest on The Cultural Hall Podcast, received emails from followers all over the nation, and has been cordially invited to sit at the adult table at Thanksgiving - WHAT A MONTH! We didn’t know we could like strangers so much, and we feel somewhat responsible to find you all true love.

Except for the guy that submitted the serial killer application - that was freaky and we’re worried about you.

So, here’s the situation. We’ve found and contacted our couples.

What happens now? Great question.

We recognize that the Thirty Day Bae experiment is a little drastic, so in an effort to make each relationship as “normal” as humanly possible (considering the circumstances) we will not be announcing the couples for a few weeks. And we won’t be posting the Bae Watch Logs, which will cover their experiences, until after the experiment ends.

Our goal isn’t to exploit the love lives of the participants, and it’s not to get on Ellen (but Ellen, if you’re reading this, CALL US).

We want to start a dating revolution.

This is where you come in.

Yes, you.

We’ve read through ALL your applications and we think you guys are ready to fight the good fight with us. So we need your help.

In the past month we’ve had tens of thousands of views of our website, so we want to be a platform for your stories, your struggles, and your ideas. Do you think you’ve cracked the code on Latter-day Saint dating culture? Please share. Got the worst first date story known to mankind? We’re dying to hear it. Think everyone available isn’t cute enough for you? Call Loni, my therapist, 801-555-3810. You need her more than I do.

You can send your submissions to

Thank you for applying. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for caring about this as much as we do and for spreading the word far and wide!

Stay tuned! We’re excited to learn with you (Bae Watch Logs and Blog) and to start the #thirtydaybaedatingrevolution2018 (we will work on the hashtag).

Buckle up. It’s about to get interesting.

-The Thirty Day Bae Team

30 Day Bae Team