Fox 13 - The Place: Dating experiment in the Latter-day Saint dating culture


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What role does commitment play and what is the real role of chemistry in Latter-day Saint dating culture?

There's an upcoming experiment designed to give people the opportunity to learn from a committed relationship without the stress of figuring out if they want to break up.

Those chosen are in the age range of 21-34 and they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They will be paired up with a new bae, and then they will be committed for 30 days.  Together, they'll go to relationship coaching with a certified marriage and family therapist (for free).  During those 30 days, they will be sharing their experiences on the website through pictures and daily journals.

After the 30 days, they will make the call.  No strings attached.

You can find out more on or on social media @ThirtyDayBae.

30 Day Bae Team