Melinda and Jake. Day 29.

“Have we broken up already? It sure feels like it.”



1. How was your day?

Today was wonderful. 

  • Went on a beautiful bike ride near City Creek Canyon (just "near" not "in" because turns out bikes are only allowed up the canyon on odd days...)

  • Hit up the Sugar House Music Stroll (a neighborhood full of local bands playing on porches — lots of banjos & violins ️— running into friends, connecting with the community, basking in the sun)

  • J Dawgs downtown for only $2 (and my sweet friend bought one for all of us)

  • Eating pizookie and watching "The Quiet Place" outside with a projector because it's summer (Okay, FINE Jake, I'll admit that it feels summer-ish even if it's not officially summer ) 

  • Spending time with my friends (Hey guys! I haven't seen you enough lately and I love you! Thanks for making me feel so loved.)

To be clear, Jake wasn't around for any of those things. We talked on the phone for about 10 minutes while he was between locations for his film. Have we broken up already? It sure feels like it. I didn't even try to relationship today. And even though I hate that Jake's stolen from this once-in-a-lifetime experience by not doing a full 30 day bae, it felt nice to live my life again. 

Even so, I'll admit that there were times — like when I was wandering around the music festival with my lemonade or snuggling into blankets in the backyard — that I thought: Wouldn't this be fun with a boyfriend?

2. Emojis to sum up your entire TDB experience?

😬🎥🤦🏼‍♀️🎤😘👍🏼💡🥤💻🎥 🍕🙃

3. Scale from 1-10 how comfortable do you feel with your bae?


4. Song that represents your feelings?

Ariana Grande - Thank U, Next

'Cause her name is Melinda. And I'm so good with that.

5. Share a telling screenshot

unnamed (11).jpg



1. How was your day?

Today was exhausting but fun. I slept three hours last night and worked on this vid till 3:00 in the morning tonight. I did get to call my Bae and talk to her for a couple of minutes. It was a decent phone call except I probably kind of sucked at it because I was so pre-occupied with this project and pretty sleep deprived, not a great recipe for an engaging phone conversation. But I tried my best.

She asked if she could come help and be on set. Maybe I should have let her but I'd told my co-workers about her and how I wasn't really feeling it for her romantically and I was kind of afraid they'd accidentally say something that hinted at that in front of her and it would be awkward which actually might have been funny and worth it.

But also I needed to focus on the film I was directing instead of making sure she was happy and comfortable.

Does that make me sound like a jerk? Hopefully not. I just knew she'd be more comfortable and most likely happier doing her own thing. Does that make me sound like less of a jerk? Hopefully.

2. Emojis to sum up your entire TDB experience


3. Scale from 1-10 how comfortable do you feel with your bae?


4. Song that represents your feelings?

100 Bad Days by AJR

Now that might sound bad but let me explain myself. The story of the song is that 100 bad days makes a 100 good stories so the artist is saying he's not afraid of bad days anymore because he's realized they make good stories. And I think it's good to go into any relationship knowing there's going to be bad days and to not be scared or worried about having those bad days. They're part of your story and by taking risks on a relationship that makes for a good story. Whether it works out in the end or not. 

I've dated girls I probably shouldn't have but I tried my best with them and I got good stories out of those relationships that I'm able to tell in standup so it was worth it. A successful relationship isn't defined by if you marry the person or not. I think it's defined by if you learn things from the person, if you grow from them, and if you get good stories from it. 

5. Share a telling screenshot

unnamed (7).png