Melinda and Jake. Day 14.

“I don’t know if Jake and I agree about anything.”



1. What did you do with your bae today?

I don’t know if Jake and I agree about anything. Here is a list of some things off the top of my head that we’ve argued about in the last couple weeks:

  • Whether or not it’s scary that your phone listens in on you

  • Is/is not Gilmore Girls one of the best shows of all time 

  • Is Disneyland a magical, fun place (I have to cut in and say Jake has only been there for one hour which I think is hilarious and also totally invalidates his opinion)

  • If the people of this world are better or worse than they were in the past

Today we talked on the phone because he’s headed to Boise and I’m headed to Lake Powell for the 3-day weekend. So we argued about if Fall is the worst or best season (my answer/the right answer: best) and what indicates a new season (my answer/the right answer: a quarter rotation around the sun)

2. Scale from 1-10 how comfortable do you feel with your bae?

7.5 I’m feeling really comfortable with Jake. It feels natural to talk to him every day. But also, it doesn’t feel so comfortable that conversation is always easy and I feel absolutely myself.

3. Pop quiz time: What is your bae’s pet peeve? Favorite movie?

Oh man! The freaking newlywed game again. I didn’t cheat this time.

I don’t know Jake’s pet peeve. I only remember he told me about this one time he was bugged by someone.

He likes a lot of movies. I mean, he does film after all. But I’m going to go with “V for Vendetta.”

4. What is your pet peeve? Favorite movie?

I get so bugged by loud, persistent noises like noisy dishwashers or bathroom fans. Just noise.

My favorite movie changes, but right now I’d say “The Hunt for the Wilderpeople” or “The Way Way Back” or “The Proposal.”

5. Tell us about a relationship you admire. What about it do you admire?

The first couple who came to mind was my friends Amberlee and Mitch (the people we went on a double date with last week). They make me believe the kind of marriage I’m looking for is real. 

Some things I admire about their relationship:

- they’re friends

- they make an effort to show love for each other in the way the other person best receives love

- they find joy in doing things for each other 

- they’re partners that support each other and work together



1. What did you do with your bae today?

Today I drove to Boise and she drove to Lake Powell so we'll be separate for the next 4 days or so. We talked on the phone for like half an hour while I was on the road and before she left. It was a fun conversation I told her I don't understand people who's favorite season is fall. And then she told me her favorite season is fall. Then that debate became the majority of the phone call. haha I told her I don't understand why she likes leaving the best season and watching everything around her die. She said she loves the colors and putting on boots and jackets. I told her the colors are nice but you can put on boots and jackets all winter long. There were a lot more arguments made for both sides but I won't write it all out. She was almost going to come to Boise with me if she didn't have her trip planned. And I was almost going to go on her trip to Lake Powell with her if I didn't have my trip planned. But I think this weekend apart will be good. I kind of need a break just so I can recalibrate and come up with goals going forward in our relationship. Also she texted me and said one of my ex-girlfriends is there on the trip with her. So I think it was for sure a good thing I didn't go on the trip with her. Hah! Can you imagine? But then again now my ex-girlfriend can tell her a lot about me. Good thing? Bad thing? We'll see. She'll probably just warn her if we go to Karaoke I'm probably going to dance up on her and Melinda will be like, Yep, already found that out.

2. Scale from 1-10 how comfortable do you feel with your bae?


3. Pop quiz time: What is your bae’s pet peeve? Favorite movie?

Her Pet Peeve is my poetry. And her favorite movie is... Crap, her favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls. And her favorite movie is...

4. What is your pet peeve? Favorite movie?

I don't know I have random Pet Peeves that come and go. Right now my pet peeve is people who's favorite season is fall. I feel like fall is the biggest band wagon season. Everyone jumps on it every fall and they all post pictures of themselves with dead and dying leaves and they're all like Fall is the best season! When really even Melinda admitted she has the most fun in the summer because its warm weather, you can be outside more, the days are longer, and that's when everyone goes on fun trips.

Favorite movie: 1. Life is Beautiful 2. V for Vendetta 3. Patch Adams

5. Tell us about a relationship you admire. What about it do you admire?

Guido and Dora in Life is Beautiful.

Guido is all about trying to surprise her and doing everything he can to make her smile and laugh. He also lives very much in the moment trying to make every moment a great one.

Dora sees the love he gives her is real and genuine and despite being in a situation where she can marry someone wealthy and have a cush life she chooses to not be materialistic and goes with the man who makes her happy. And both of them are willing to do some crazy things to make each other happy and to make great memories.

In real life I'm surrounded by a lot of great couples: My parents, My buddy Mack and his wife Ashley. My sister Hailey and her husband Bryan. My sister Jamie and her Husband Matt. My brother Gunnar and his wife Sarah. My friends Mitch and Amberlee.

All of them are so good at doing projects and helping each other accomplish them. And even though some of them work a ridiculous amount like Bryan, they are good at getting home from work and flipping the switch to being husband and dad and giving their attention to their family till they fall asleep. And I think all of these couples do a good job all just having fun together in their day to day lives.