Alicia and Brice. Day 18.

“We just can't seem to find a good flow. Or at least I can't.”



1. Tell us about your day

I worked, went to a dinner group, got sucked into the Bachelorette for twenty minutes, and then Brice and I went on a date! He planned the date this time and we went to Nickel City. It was a lot of fun. We didn't do that great at Deal or No Deal, which we both agree is a game we really like, but we were more successful at other games. We played a Walking Dead game and I killed 78 zombies and Brice killed 144. I asked if could be on his team in the zombie apocalypse and he didn't respond, so I'm taking that as a yes! On the drive back I asked him what he does when he is burnt out and he says he just ignores it. We talked a little bit about how people try to view things in black and white terms. Hmmm...maybe I'm trying to view this baeship as black and white? But I don't think so...I do see the good. Like I really do like spending time with Brice! As I reflect back on it though, a large majority of the time we have spent together has either been with people or actively doing something on a date. We haven't had much time to sit and get to know one another it feels like. I know we have gotten to know each other, because we have spent some time together. Ugh, I need to write these earlier when I feel like I can conceptualize things better.


2. What is something you wish you could do better for your bae?

I wish I could catch the moments that he is trying to connect with me. I wish I could be more upfront and open with Brice, because I think it would help both of us. I wish I could show him how great a relationship really can be. I wish I understood his humor better.


3. What is something trivial that you and your bae disagree on? (Like the fact that Nicolas Cage is a national treasure)

The text conversation we had about this was entertaining. I just threw out a few random things to see if we agreed on them or not. We both agree that the toilet paper goes over the top of the roll, so that's good or else I would probably change the direction if I were to ever use his bathroom. Yeah, I'm that person. Sorry. Then the following conversation happened and I kind of convinced myself that Captain America was stronger. I only said Thor was the strongest, because he thinks he is when he's trying to start the ship and I was throwing random things out there. Brice figured out something trivial we disagree on, which had me laughing out loud. Although, he said my pronunciation was insanity, which makes me wonder if the disagreeing is a little more than trivial...? So with all this, something we disagree on is that I floss before I brush my teeth and he flosses after.


Also, I have been making a lot of Marvel references lately, but I am a bigger Harry Potter fan than Marvel. I think I need to make up for this...12 more days to have HP references. You know what else has 12 in it? How long Sirius was in Azkaban. Ugh, I'm trying too hard.

4. Scale from 1-10 how positively do you feel about your relationship at this point?

A 6, I guess? Just because of what I've already said, that I really do enjoy spending time with him! Just other things keep me from being too positive. I know a week ago I wrote how I have feelings for him and now I dunno. So here is a gif to represent how the readers/I am feeling through this whole thing.



1. Tell us about your day

Just another day of work and school. I had frisbee practice after work, but then Alicia and I went on a date to Nickel City. I had wanted to go to do a paint night, but Alicia had picked that place where you go and paint mugs for her date this week. Then she may have changed her mind and was thinking about doing a labor simulator. #hardpass Anyway, we had fun at Nickel City! It's like gambling, but better? I still feel like conversation can sometimes be hard for us (just lots of missed connections still), so just doing something where we didn't need to focus on talking to each other was a nice change of pace. We could just focus on being together, playing, and having fun! I've learned that you can build relationships by talking to each other, sharing feelings and thoughts, and the like. But you can also build relationships by just being together and doing things. Both can create a shared history which can become a foundation for a good relationship.

On the ride back home, Alicia asked me how I deal with burnout. I told her I just ignore it. My mom raised me to "suck it up" when it comes to that stuff and just power through it and move on. I've learned some coping skills that help me power through those moments, so overall, I don't let burnout get me down. Alicia talked about how sometimes she gets spiritual burnout especially because she works at BYU and is a therapist. Lots of issues with the church and its culture get brought up with her patients and coworkers. I wasn't quite sure what to say, so I just said sometimes you need a break from things. It's not a bad thing or a good thing. It's just a thing.

2. What is something you wish you could do better for your bae?

I wish I could be better at communicating more frequently with her even if it's through text. Even though we've talked about it and tried to make a goal about it, I can't get over my dislike of having conversations over text. It distracts me from what I'm doing at the moment and it's so inconvenient/distracting. Ha. I'm terrible, I know. Who doesn't like texting?

3. What is something trivial that you and your bae disagree on? (Like the fact that Nicolas Cage is a national treasure)

So we talked about this one. I found out last week that Alicia pronounces gif as jif. I didn't say anything at first, but I brought it up last night as we were talking. She said she picked it up from another person who insisted on it being pronounced jif. If she were true loyalist to the correct pronunciation, she would have stood her ground. Or at least say gif around normal people.

unnamed (5).gif
Gif or Jif - Imgur.gif

4. Scale from 1-10 how positively do you feel about your relationship at this point?

5 or 6. So still pretty neutral. Nickel City is always fun, but things still felt a little forced. I didn't feel like we got as comfortable as I had hoped for. We just can't seem to find a good flow. Or at least I can't.