Alicia and Brice. Day 16.

“Commitment helps me keep the other person in my mind.”



1.     Tell us about your day

I did my usual Sunday Funday activities. But as far as Brice and my day went, we FaceTimed for a little bit tonight. He had to work and said he was going to bed early and I was at my friend's house when we talked, so we didn't talk for too long. It's Brice's new thing to use an animoji when we FaceTime. I like FaceTime because I can see people's facial expressions, but I guess a monkey can have an expressive face... And, no, I haven't told him this. Ugh, I dunno why I can't just say stuff to him.

 2. It’s Sunday. Drop a truth bomb. What are you learning about relationships?

This doesn't entirely relate to my TDB experience, but has just been something I've been thinking of for a little bit. About six months ago my friend and I were talking and she shared how she had someone break up with her, because he didn't think he was "good enough" for her. I don't like when people do this, because first of all, I think it is an excuse to not say the real reason, but also because this is someone else "making up the mind" for another. Then I was telling her about how I was interested in a guy (before TDB, I'm all about that loyalty and am dating Brice right now), but said how I didn't think I was good enough for the guy. Then I realized I'm doing exactly what the guy did to my friend, but just preemptively. On a different, but related note, I have been talking to friends lately who have talked about a similar fear/feeling. These are friends that I esteem highly, like solid, amazing, successful people and they have been sharing how they don't feel good enough to date or they worry about that when in a relationship. I wonder how much we hold ourselves back from in relationships, thinking we aren't good enough. I wonder if in my relationship with Brice if I hold back from communicating my feelings and needs, because I feel like I'm not good enough for him in a way that I don't even have the "grounds" to communicate those things.


3. Pancake vs waffle

Crepes, but if I have to choose between the two, pancakes! Especially the paleo pancake mix at Costco or the pumpkin flax Kodiak Cakes pancake mix.

4. What’s the worst/best relationship advice you’ve ever been given? 

I am not sure if this is "relationship advice" per se, but seems to be a view of relationships or a way to talk about them. I don't agree that you need to "find your other half" or that your partner is your "better half." I want to be a full person in my relationship and I want the other to be the same. Obviously, there is give and take, but overall it seems better to have a good sense of self from both people.


5. Gif to sum up your feelings



1. Tell us about your day

Today I finally cleaned my house since I haven't been able to do that for the last week and a half (gross, I know). After that, I had work from 2 to 10. So it was a long day. Alicia and I managed to FaceTime at the end. I found out that I like animojis and other fun FaceTime things. We just talked a little bit about our days and made plans for the week. Alicia is already getting things all packed up for when she moves in August which is impressive. I would try packing the night before. Ha.

2. It’s Sunday. Drop a truth bomb. What are you learning about relationships?

Commitment helps me keep the other person in my mind. I could go all day without thinking about someone or making plans because work and school keep me busy. When I have some free time, I'd reach out to friends or try to plan some dates. Now, I think about Alicia throughout the day and think about what our relationship is like, date ideas, etc. It's weird to me to be thinking about that as frequently as I do. Normally, I make plans for something and then put it out of my mind so I can focus on other things. It seems commitment makes other things be a priority and so they take up more of my time throughout the day.

3. Pancake vs waffle

giphy (43).gif

4. What’s the worst/best relationship advice you’ve ever been given? 

I've already realized that a shared sense of humor is very important to me in a relationship, and my mom confirmed that for me. She told me that part of the reason she and my dad are still together is because he can make her laugh. She told me I need to make sure to find a girl where we can both laugh together.

5. Gif to sum up your feelings