John and Jane. Day 8.



Now that it's over, tell us all about it. How would you describe your experience during Thirty Day Bae?

My experience during Thirty Day Bae was a net positive.  It had its up and downs and was not easy but I am able to take away from this experience a lot of good.  I got to hang out with a friend, got free counseling, and made new friends with the Thirty Day Bae team.  

What did you learn about yourself in dating? Anything new or surprising?

I learned that writing is not one of my strengths.  It was hard to evaluate every night how the relationship was going.  I learned that sometimes it is nice to just take in the experience and live in the moment without the pressure of having to evaluate the relationship every step of the way.  I also learned and was reminded how Ghosting is a real problem in our dating culture.  I believe ghosting leads to more worry and stress to a relationship.  I can understand how sometimes it might be easier to just avoid an awkward situation by ghosting, however I do not believe it is healthy.  

How will this change the way you date? 

I have committed no matter how hard it may seem, I need to communicate.  I vow to never ghost.  It’s not good for anyone.  

What's the most important thing you learned in relationship coaching?

I only went once and it was a good experience but we mostly just hashed out what happened during the one week we dated. 

What advice would give to someone who's about to embark on the Thirty Day Bae experiment?

Prepare yourself for difficulty.  Keep an open mind and try not to have any expectations.  Try to live in the moment and look for the good in the hardships.  Keep a positive attitude.  


Jane decided to end her bae-ship early. The Thirty Day Bae team worked with Jane to fill out the logs for the days she remained in the relationship, but she declined to do so. She also declined to submit a final log.


John and Jane30 Day Bae Team