Thirty Day Bae

“I don’t know — the spark just isn’t there for me.”

— Literally all of us

We’ve all been there.

“How are you still single?” Too many options, lack of vulnerability, bad advice from your many things to blame. But the thing we hear the most? “I just wasn’t feeling it.” 

Is it lack of chemistry? Or something else? 

What role does commitment play?

What is the real role of chemistry in dating?

What if you finally decided to try dating your best friend?

What would happen if we placed an expiration on how long a relationship lasted?

How would this change the stress of dating in Latter-day Saint culture? 

We asked these questions to singles across Utah last fall and the world watched as three couples took on commitment. Now, we’re ready for round 2. 

We designed an experiment to give people the opportunity to learn from a committed relationship without the stress of figuring out if you want to break up, and now we’re back for round two with a bit of a twist. 

Here’s how it works. 

There are two different applications now. Yes, you heard us. TWO. 

  1. Matchmaking application. You apply. If our matchmaker finds that another applicant is a good match, we will hold in person interviews, and we will introduce you to your new bae. You commit to bae-ship for 30 days. Together you go to relationship coaching with a certified marriage and family therapist (FOR FREE). After the 30 days, you make the call. No strings attached. 

  2. Joint application. Have a best friend that you’ve thought about dating but never been willing to bite the bullet? Have you yo-yoed between being just friends and maybe a little more?

    You can now submit an application with your own predetermined partner. We will hold in person interviews with you both, and If we think you two are a good fit for the Thirty Day Bae experiment, you’ll go through the experiment just like normal from there. It’s getting out of the friendzone but with free relationship coaching. After 30 days, you make the call. What’s not to love?

    Requirements: You both have to apply independently and ask to be paired with each other.

Are you a good fit? 

We are looking for young single adults from across the Salt Lake Valley and Utah Valley, ages 25-35. 

Stuff your mom will be asking

Several couples will be chosen. Ideally, we’d help everyone find their soulmate, but we ain’t miracle workers. This experiment will closely follow the couples’ journeys in an effort to learn about chemistry, commitment, and love. So even if you aren’t chosen for the experiment, you can follow the couples on the Bae Watch Blog.

What are you signing up for?

If you submit your application, you are agreeing to share your experience (including first name and photos) on our website and possibly with news sources, because we are pretty sure Anderson Cooper will want to cover this experiment. Pictures, videos, and daily journals are all part of the program. We can’t promise fame or additional Instagram followers. But try, we shall.

Why are these people doing this?

We want to learn more about the effect of commitment in relationships. Would it be awesome if you ended up marrying your Thirty Day Bae? Yes. Would we expect you to name your firstborn after us? Also yes. But our objective is for you to learn and grow.

Can you trust these people?

We admit it - everyone behind this project is single. But we’ve got some pretty unique backgrounds to help us in this project. Between a license in marriage and family therapy, extensive research on compatibility for a dating app, consultations with real life matchmakers, and literally thousands of dating experiences between all of us, we think we could actually help you guys out.

When is this happening?

The application deadline for Season 2 is April 21. The Bae Watch logs will be posted mid June.